City of Brownsboro Village


Residents of Brownsboro Village,
I wanted to let you all know in case you haven't heard about the rash of recent break-ins that have occurred with our neighbors in Druid Hills and surrounding communities.  These break-ins have been occurring randomly and we need to be alert and vigilant.  If you see any suspicious activity call 574-LMPD immediately.  The City of Brownsboro Village is conducting random police patrols and need your cooperation to keep our neighborhood safe.  One of the schemes used by the thieves is to knock on people's doors and if someone answers they pretend to be at the wrong address or looking for someone.  If no one answers they proceed to try to break in.  It is encouraged for all of us to look out for our neighbors and installing motion detector lights outside and investing in a security alarm would be two things residents could do to enhance protection.  Also keep your shrubs and trees trimmed and cleared around doors and windows.

Brian A. Willis
Commissioner for Block Watch
City of Brownsboro Village

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