The City of Brownsboro Village holds city commission meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 6:30 pm. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend! Please contact the host/hostess if you plan on attending. They will need to make arrangements for extra seating.  

January 10, 2023 6:30 pm
Beth Freibert

3710 Napanee Rd
February 14, 2023 6:30 pm
Fay Dorval
312 Lotis Way
March 14, 2023 6:30 pm
Whitney Hankins
407 Sprite Rd
April 11, 2023 6:30 pm
Mark Joyce
300 Sprite Rd
May 9, 2023 6:30 pm
Brian Willis
406 Chenoweth Lane
June 13, 2023 6:30pm
Maryellen Howley
408 Lotis Way

Brownsboro Village at times has experienced car break-ins. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR AND REMOVE ALL VALUABLES! If you experience an attempted theft of your vehicle  file a police report with LMPD.
We  have hired off duty police officers who make random patrols in the neighborhood. However, residents still need to take pre-cautions.

Want to stay up to date on all things happening in the City? We are developing an email list to send periodic messages to all residents. We need you to opt in to this service. Visit the home page and look for the sign in box. We will NEVER share your information and will only send messages regarding City business. 

Brownsboro Village has hired off duty police officers to make random patrols in the neighborhood . Please drive the speed limit and stop at all stop signs... or you will get a ticket!

We LOVE our pets, however their have been numerous complaints that residents are not picking up dog waste when they walk their dogs. PLEASE clean up after your dog!!

Residents interested in walking Brownsboro Village: 
If you begin around the big loop starting and ending at the rose garden at Lotis and Sprite it is approximately 4000 steps. It is 2000 steps around the small loop starting and ending at the garden at Lotis/Sprite or Lotis/Oread. Walking both the small and large loops is approximately 6000 steps.